Facilities in Nursing college

Facilities in nightingale Nursing college Trivandrum

1. Fundamental Nursing

Facilities in nightingale college of Nursing : Fundamental lab is well equipped with adequate and modern instruments. 6 mannequins and 1 mobile CPR model on which students are allowed to practice their procedures before encountering the patients. 20-25 students can practice at a time.

2. Child Health Nursing lab

Child health nursing has all the modern amenities  with 2 pediatric mannequins and all the necessary articles needed for the students to perform their child health care procedures.

3. Maternity Health Nursing Lab

The lab is equipped with 2 mannequins, models of pelvis, fetal skull, placenta and spongy fetuses to practice different mechanisms of labour. It is also equipped with variety of instruments and labour kit.

4. Community Health Nursing Lab

Community lab is equipped with adequate community bags, instruments, AV aids and family folders and can accomodate 20-25 students to practice the procedures at a time.

5. Nutrition Lab

Crockery, cutlery , adequate fuel and stogetables, fruits and other groceries are made avaive are available for the cookery practice. Cereals, pulses, available as and when required.

6. Biochemistry & Microbiology

A separate lab for biochemistry & microbiology is available in the campus. It is well equipped with latest & modern equipments.

7. Anatomy & Physiology Lab

A separate lab for anatomy & physiology is available in the college premises with cadavers, skeletons and different specimens.

8. Computer Lab

A state of the art computer lab with 10 high tech computers are available with Wi Fi internet facility

9. Advance lab

Advance lab is well equipped with  modern equipments like ventilator CPR Mannequin ,infusion pump and all the necessary articles neede for the students to practice

10. Av Aids

The lab is equipped with differnt kinds of audio visual aids which help to improve the academic qualites of students

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